Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Workout Wednesday: 21 Day Fix Extreme, Week 1

This was my first straight week of 21 Day Fix Extreme, and boy is it extreme!!  However, it is just the right amount of intensity for me.  It's a good challenge, to say the least.

Monday: Plyo Fix Extreme
This workout is made of five rounds.  Each round has two moves (three if you are doing something with for each leg).  Each move is 30 seconds with a 30 second water break in between.  30 second may sounds like a lot for a break, but it goes by fast.  It does not go by fast when you are dying in your weighted lunge hops though.  Lunges are soooo hard for me.  I'm not sure why.  The burped tuck jumps are a-la insanity, but it's only 30 seconds, and you get a break.  So...just a little crazy, not fully insane.  I felt this one afterward.  It's that good kind of sore feeling, and you know you've worked your ass off.  I'm excited to get better on this one.  I know I will progress far.
Max Heart Rate: 137          Calories Burned: 379

Tuesday: Upper Body Fix Extreme
I don't remember how many round this workout is, but I do remember you do it twice.  There's a nice little progression of shoulders to back to biceps to triceps.  Man, does it make your arms hurt.  my favorite move was the ones with the resistance band.  You really want to make sure you are using proper form with these.  I have a hard time knowing if I'm actually working the muscle I'm supposed to be working.  And, crab dips are the worst.  This was one you didn't feel until the next day, but man oh man do I feel it.  I have zero upper body strength, so I'm hoping this helps out! 
Max Heart Rate: 117          Calories Burned: 249

Wednesday: Pilates Fix Extreme
This was a great workout, but I'm having a hard time seeing the benefit.  Don't' get me wrong, I know there is one, but I didn't burn a lot of calories, and I don't feel a whole lot different.  The resistance bands were tricky to use.  When we did moves on our hands and knees, the band hurt to hold on to, and it would rub against my leg and get stuck.  I don't know that I got a whole lot of good out of this one.  I'm ready to do something a little more intense that will burn mega calories and get my heart rate up.  That's probably going to come tomorrow
Max Heart Rate: 111          Calories Burned: 177

Look for the other workouts to come next week.  I'm glad I'm doing all of this, but I really need to dial in my nutrition as well.  That's going to be most of the battle. 

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