Monday, May 30, 2016

Focus T25 Day 1

Today started with my workout. CARDIO!!  I knew that if I didn't start my day with the workout I wouldn't have done it.  So, that was what I started my day with, and it was awesome.  I feel like I did awesome in this workout.  I had to stop and shake it out a couple times because my hips and legs are tight.  Every once and a while I slowed down to follow the modifier because I was getting tired, but I am pretty damn proud of myself.  I've been amazed at what my body can do lately.  I've been doing really well in my workouts and pushing myself.

7 minutes in peak?!?!  That's amazing for me.  I was super impressed my how many calories I burned, too.  I've been logging my food in order to keep track of everything in my Fitbit app.  This way, I know when I have been hitting my target calories.  I've also been trying to eat cleaner.  Today was not a good example, I ate oatmeal from mcdonalds, Chinese food (moo shoo pork), and Mexican (grilled chicken quesadilla with grilled mushrooms).  It hasn't been terrible, and I have stayed within my caloric limit, but it hasn't been as natural or clean as I would like.  

My biggest problem today is I'm exhausted!  I did some work from home this weekend to get caught up since it was such a crazy week last week.  I finished it all, but I think I wore myself out.  I really want to get back into reading at night and going to bed at a decent hour so I get all of my sleep.  I know that's important too.  

Overall, I want to be more balanced.  I think I'm on my way there, I just have to keep at it and be more disciplined.  My challenge to myself is to get 10,000 steps everyday this month as well.  We are going to see how that works out for me.  usually I get close, but I don't quite hit it.  So, we are going to see how that goes.  

well, I'm going to enjoy the Game Show Network for the last day I have it, maybe get some reading in, and hit the hay super early.  It's back to work tomorrow.  

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