Friday, May 20, 2016

New Goals

Clearly what I'm doing isn't working for me.  I haven't worked out in a week, I haven't been eating the best (although it is better than eating greasy fast food every day).  I know I need to change things up (drastically), so I'm going to change the way I do things.  Clearly specialized posts aren't working, so I'm going to post daily.  I'm going to post pictures of what I eat and the workout for that day.  I'm going to try to make it my nighttime ritual.  That and reading.

The first thing I need to do is figure out my photo storage so I can access all the photos on my phone from my computer so I can post them.  I'll also post them on social media and Facebook to keep myself accountable too.  It's just something I need to do anyway, but this will give me a good excuse.

Also, I want to complete all of the exercise programs I have purchased.  So, I have created the following schedule:

May: Finish 21 Day Fix Extreme
June: T25 Alpha
July: T25 Beta
August: T25 Gamma
September: Bodyshred (month 1)
October: Bodyshred (month 2)
November: Insanity Max 30
December: Insanity Max 30
January: P90X3
February: P90X3
March: P90X3
April: 21 Day Fix Extreme

Then, I also have Insanity (the original) and Insanity Asylum Vol. 1 as well, but those seem really scary right now, so I will just hold off.

I'm also going to meal plan and count my calories.  I'm going to post pictures of my meals and make sure my calories count.  I will try to post the containers if I can figure it out.  I'm not very good with following that meal plan.  I know it works for a lot of people though.

Here's to a new plan, and continuing the journey of me.  I just have to accept that during this time there is going to be rough spots.  I'm going to have to figure out what works for me and how to keep myself motivated.

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