Sunday, May 29, 2016

Focus T25: The Beginning

I've officially ended 21 Day Fix Extreme.  All in all, I lost 7.3 pounds, which is nothing to shake a stick at.  That's a pretty awesome weight loss, especially since I skipped a week.  I didn't expect to get such good results since I was pretty lax on the meal plan and missed a whole week of workouts.  Now, I am on a mission to complete all of the programs I have purchased.  I'm not turning in my pictures to beach body for this one because I did not complete the program.  My goal is to turn in pictures and get the swag for all the completed programs.  Then I'll have a whole collection.  To see my workout schedule for the year, go here.

I'm starting with Focus T25 for two reasons.  First, I think it's a better program for beginners.  Second, I have completed the program before.  I did Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.  it was awesome, but I don't think I got the results I wanted because I ate like crap (although I did get some results).  So, I'm gonna make sure I eat pretty clean and do well so I can get maximum results.

Focus T25 is 5 workouts a week for 25 minutes a day.  Well, really that's kind of a lie because on Fridays you do double workouts, so really it's 50 minutes of Fridays.  Saturday and Sunday are rest days or you can do stretch on Sundays.  The stretch DVD in this program is the BOMB.COM.  It's awesome!!  You will feel so good after you do it, especially after a grueling week of workouts.  I'm so glad I bought the program (the first time I did it a friend bought the program and we liked it so much I bought gamma) just for the stretch DVD.

I'm hoping, after the Alpha round, to be in the 230s.  I've never been able to break the 240s.  Really, I've never been able to break 245.  So, I'm excited to try this and get some good results.  I know that nutrition is the key, and it is my weakness.  Therefore, I have to plan for it in order to get results.  But, results I'm going to get!!

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