Saturday, April 23, 2016


Today is the day I put my "stats," or my weight and measurements out there to be able to track my progress through the journey.  I didn't do this last week, so this is my first week, which is probably for the best because I did not do so well this week.  I worked out four out of five days, and I only did Max 30 twice.  My wife and I talked about it and decided Max 30 probably isn't the best program to start with, so we bought 21 Day Fix Extreme and Focus T25.  I think she would be happy with just cardio, but I need some strength training too!  I wanna get toned.  The new programs should be here Tuesday, so I am just going to plan to exercise next week and get started on a program the first week of May.

To know how far you've gone, you have to know where you started.  So, here are the starting stats.

Weight: 259.7 lbs.
Bust: 45.5 inches
Waist: 40 inches
Hips: 54 inches
Thigh: 29.5 inches
Arm: 16 inches

Now that I have gone to Zumba, walked the dogs, and ran errands for my wife, I am going to go soak in a bathtub with some detox (which I'm hoping to make a weekly habit) before I go to my moms lake house for a cookout.

Here's to progress and continually improving upon myself!

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