Sunday, April 17, 2016

First Steps

This is, what feels like, the millionth time I've tried to "start" my journey to being a "better me."  Furthermore, this is the twelfth millionth time I've tried to blog about it.  My name is Lauren; I'm about 120lbs overweight; I am an emotional eater; I can't seem to break the cycle.  I have enough insight to know I need some kind of accountability.  Therefore, I've created this blog, an Instagram account, and am on a couple of accountability groups on Facebook.

Really, I need to get my shit together before I turn 30.  I want to be around for my wife, my family, and my friends.  I want to be the best me possible; I don't want to be self-conscious anymore.  This means I need to exercise, eat better, and work on me, hence "the me project."

So, I'm committing to 30 days of Insanity: Max 30.  If I can make it 30 days, I can develop a habit.  Thirty days sounds attainable.  I plan to post on my accountability groups and on Instagram; therefore, "people" know that I am doing it and can hold me accountable (or ask questions) should I not post.  Along with this comes eating better.  I know if I plan out and prep my meals on the weekend, I will be successful.  Therefore, this is also part of the 30 day accountability plan.  In addition to social media, I plan on having segments on my blog called "Workout Wednesday" and "Foodie Friday;" that way, people can see what I think of exercising, what I'm eating, and have accountability for me.  Also, I want to do "STATurday" so I can track my progress.

Additionally, I'm attending Bible study on Tuesdays with a group of friends and am trying to get my soul taken care of as well.  So, I may post some reflections on what I'm doing as well in effort to sort out my thoughts.  Essentially, this blog is going to document my journey, my life.  It's going to give me somewhere to put all of the stuff that I don't feel like I can say to my friends.  I think that's a big part of the problem; my weight has been shamed for so long that I don't want to talk about it to anyone.  Therefore, I'm going to start with strangers; hopefully along the way I will become more courageous, make new friends, and grow stronger in my journey.

I'm the caterpillar; I want to change into the butterfly; the time is now.

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