Monday, April 25, 2016

Motivation Monday: People who Inspire Me

I will be honest, it has been incredibly difficult for me to get motivated.  I feel like I'm stuck in a rut, and I can't seem to muster up enough motivation to lay down the kitty litter to get the car out of the ditch.  I think I have tried and not succeeded so many times that I don't know what Im' doing wrong and thing that I am just spinning my wheels.  

I think the most important thing has been others.  I know I do much MUCH better when my wife is on board.  Also, I know it is easier when I am connected to others, such as going to Zumba, participating in support groups.  The key is to participate in these groups.  You only get out of them what you put in, and I have not always put in a lot.  I need to work on using the group when I am struggling.  

I have been following Laura Dalpini on IG.  I first heard her story on Shaun T's podcast.  In a nutshell, she was going nowhere fast in Wichita, KS and decided to leave and couch surf across the United States.  she ended up going south then up to New York.  While in New York, she randomly auditioned for the CIZE test group and made it.  She became a Beachbody coach and is spreading the word of being th best you.  What connects me to her is she and I share similar stories.  We have similar starting weights, she is strong in her Faith and I am trying to find it, and we both want to inspire others with our stories.  The difference is she has the "guts," and I am trying to find mine.  That's who I want to be at the end of my journey...skinny, confident, taking risks, and strong in my mind and in my Faith.  Follow her on Instagram @lauradalpini.  She's amazing.

Shaun T is another motivator of mine.  I love his workouts (even though some of them are hard).  He is always pushing the envelope and coming up with new and different things.  Cize is my favorite, just because I LOVE to dance, but I'm a fan of Focus T25 and Insanity.  He is incredibly motivating and makes you believe you can do it, no matter your fitness level.  There is no shame in taking a break or getting moves wrong.  His workouts are my favorite...even over Jillian Michaels.  And, everyone knows I'm a big Jillian Michaels fan.  

The other thing that is motivating me is my doctor's appointment in a month.  She knows I'm on this weight loss journey, and I have not seen her in a while.  I asked for a refill on some medication, and she called and said she wants to see me.  So, I want to weigh less than when I saw her a while ago.  Now, I'm on a mission.  Hopefully that will help me develop some good habits that will continue beyond my doctor's appointment.  Until then, my doctor's appointment will have to be enough. 

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