Monday, August 29, 2016

Quarter Life Crisis

In about a month, I'm turning thirty...and I'm terrified.  I think I'm going through my quarter life crisis about five years too late.  I'm almost thirty, and I don't have my shit together.  Yes, I have lots of professional accomplishments, and I'm the youngest person to have the Clinical Director position in this or surrounding agencies.  I feel like, personally, I don't have my shit together.  I'm reactive to life instead of being in control of my life.

I eat fast food because I can't plan ahead and cook meals, I don't work out because I'm "tired," "lazy," and "work hard."  I just don't feel fulfilled.  So, I'm on a spiritual journey to find myself and to take control of my life again.  So, I'm working on some things.  I'm working out every day, training to run a 5K, and eating well.  I just need to make it a habit.  It needs to part of my routine.  I need to create structure within my life.

I'm also trying to work on my soul.  To make me happy with me.  I'm going to read more and do more spiritual activities to get in touch with God.  I ordered the 21 day visual devotional, and I'm really excited to start working on it.  I need a schedule to write, to read, to live my life and stop letting my life live me.

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