Saturday, June 18, 2016


Wow, I'm really awful at this.  I thought I had at least posted daily during week 1.

While I've faithfully been working out and tracking my nutrition (not quite as faithfully).  However, I haven't lost anything.  Or, hardly anything.  It's a little discouraging; however, I notice a difference in how I'm performing, so I'm holding on to that.

I also recently got a fitbit blaze, and I love it.  It's pretty amazing, and I think it's a little more accurate than my HR (don't get me wrong, I love my HR too).  I'm stoked and excited to use it to take my fitness to the next level.

I'm setting goals this week so I can hopefully SEE results.
1. 10,000 steps everyday (except Thursday...cause it's really hard for me on Thursdays)
2. Log every bit of food that goes in my mouth
3. Shakeology and vitamins EVERY DAY

I've got this, and I'm going to do great

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